sowing broccoli

Starting Seeds

Broccoli is my son’s favorite vegetable, so I keep trying to grow it. Last year I bought plants and was able to get a meal or two of crowns. I tried planting seeds in the fall, but planted too late.

Growing Information:
CULTURE: Broccoli requires a fertile soil with good moisture-holding capacity or irrigation. It is relatively tolerant to environmental stress. Broccoli does not generally do well in hot weather and does best as a spring or fall crop. For spring, start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Sow seed directly for fall crops 10-12 weeks before killing frost. Temperatures below 40°F will cause chilling injury. 66 days to maturity.


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  • Last year was the same for me with broccoli. Just a few crowns and I just didn’t feel like I figured it out. I’ve got my seeds starting now. We’ll see. Best of luck to you! My son’s favorite vegetable is red pepper. Tough to grow well here in Connecticut, but I’m hoping for a nice harvest this year for him.

  • hi, great site,
    i have had broccoli for the past 3 years. i put in a variety called packman that i buy down the road at a local farm. i plant them not until end of may and i usually put in 10 plants. i first get a large head from each, and then the rest of the summer, right up until the frost, i get smaller shoots that i cut all summer/fall long. this year i am raising some cornado crown variety, but will probably throw in a 6pak of the packman variety b/c it is so dependable. i know many gardens plant this as a spring and fall crop, but i have never had problem with keeping the same plants all summer and fall…happy planting!
    tracy from wilton nh


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