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I think I’m going to start my indoor sowing a bit earlier than I planned.

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  • It is nice to see the stages to what other gardeners are up to !

  • do you use a grow light?

  • I will try to go without a grow light. The windows are south facing and large. Last year this was fine for my peppers, though I plan to start more seedlings this year than last. We’ll see….

    I do have a heat light for seeds (peppers) that need warmth to germinate.

  • Have you tried a black sheet rather than a white sheet on the table? It might help keep to soil temperature from dropping to low.

    Great blog!

  • Well it would probably be better for pictures too. I had to photoshop this one, which takes me a bit of time. The photo was just a bright white sheet and everything else was black.

  • Janet from Chincoteague Island
    March 6, 2008 5:05 PM

    I would love to start some seeds indoors, but I don’t have enough sunny spots to devote to it — and I don’t want to go do the lights. Plus, my house is rather tiny and it would take up too much space. So, I’ll either have to just continue to buy starter plants or sow seeds!

  • It’s hard to hold back this time of year isn’t it. I keep wanting to get going right away. Can’t wait.


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