Easter is Skippy’s birthday!!!

Skippy, Suzie & Charley

baskets2 skip with basket
skip with basket 2 tuckered out
Skippy is 3 years old today. He was born on Easter (or maybe late on the night before?). Easter was March 26 the year he was born, but we like to celebrate on Easter Sunday.

Happy Birthday Skippy!! He’s 3 years old. What a dog. He’s very special.

Skippy had a birthday Easter basket filled with plastic eggs, dog cookies, Merrick dehydrated lamb lung (!!!) and a Merrick Flossie (chewy dried beef tendon). He eat all but the eggs and then stretched out on the porch floor for a nap. Aahhh… the life of a dog….

The photos below show the nice new haircut he got on Friday at Laundromutt (by his favorite groomer, Alana).

skippy3 skippy2

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