a warm day in February

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garden clean up
It was a day to be outside. Nice and warm (60’s!), though dark and damp. Our snow cover is gone – for the time being. I enjoyed catching up on some of that fall clean up I never did. Still lots more to do.

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  • just stumbled upon your blog – looks like it could be a treasure trove of information. I’m just south of you in Attleboro, so I imagine your timetables and such will work well for us as we try to refine our gardening.

    I’m thinking of starting some lettuce in our coldframes soon – though maybe that is just the 60 degree day talking!

    Anyways, happy gardening (and blogging!).

  • It sounds like a good idea to me to a try with the cold frame lettuce sowing now. But don’t use too much of your seed. It may be way too early. Or the seed may sprout when it warms up enough. My usual lettuce planting date is April 15.

    I’m planning to start some lettuce soon. An experiment. My thought is that it’ll sprout when its warm enough. I’m going to use plastic gallon size milk bottles as mini cold frames. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll set these up with lettuce, onions and perennial flowers. I’ll post photos.

  • That’s amazing that your temperatures reached up to 60 degrees so early in the year! It seems only recently you posted your snow pictures.

  • Just last week we had a lot of snow on the ground. But since then we have had several inches of rain. Then there were two fantastic days at 60 degrees. Reminds me of why I’m hanging in there in this freezing cold – which it is again now. As they say in New England: if you don’t like the weather, wait a day. Very true. (funny thing if I google that saying, every region of the US claims it…)


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