seasonal martinis

As I mentioned in my last post, I enjoy eating (and drinking!) seasonally. These martinis are some of my favorites. They aren’t like the fancy sweet martinis on restaurant menus. I don’t like too much flavor to overwhelm the beverage, just a bit of color or spice to complement the gin and celebrate the season. martinis chair
Summer martini: I like very fresh cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and little pink radishes.
garden martini martini with pepper.0
Fall/Winter martini: A spicy slice of chile pepper wrapped around and onion or olive, or carrots and celery.
black radish martini snow martini
Winter/spring: A frosty white version with cocktail onions and a black radish slice.

Always good in a Martini: Picholine olives and Peppadew red peppers.

Of course, the possibilities are endless. Many more veggies to try this year.

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  • Do you know that I’ve never had a martini? GASP! I’ve always thought people who drink them seem ultra cool.

    I’ve been thinking about your new community plot. Have you started preparing it for planting yet? I bet you are excited. I’m excited about it on your behalf!

  • I don’t get assigned a plot until April 1st. I am counting the days (43). I can’t do anything until then. I figure I’ll collect and send out a soil test first thing. Then bring in as much compost as I can and turn the soil. I have noticed there are a number of very small plots and I’m hoping I don’t end up with one of these. Yes, I’m very excited about the new plot!

  • I love that your photo of the frosty winter martini features snow in the background!

  • We grill outside all year round, so we often end up with a martini sitting next to piles of snow. One of the first chores after a snow storm is to shovel out the patio and grill area. That picture was taken last year at the end of March.


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