garden poetry

putting in the seed
This is a great poem, so I am posting it again. This time the full version. With it are some photos of Skippy and my garden from last spring. Ahhh, the Spring. Soon another will come ….

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  • Hi Skippy, I’m comidademama. I live in Cambridge and I need an help.
    I partecipate in Energy Saving Day ESD is an annual Italian communication campaign dedicated to saving energy, check if you want the English manifesto

    As I have a food weblog I was thinking to cook something, I spread the word and we are a lot.
    But I can’t find a truly local vegetables.
    In my garden and surrounding I just found a bounch of squirrels, four leeks and a tiny group of mint leaves.
    If I can reach you with pubblic transport would you help me giving me some of your vegetables?
    Of course I will mention it in the recipe.

    Many thanks in advance for your attention and, really, your garden is amazing!


  • I don’t have any vegetables in my garden now either. Its all frozen solid! Even the kale froze.

    The only kind of local vegetables you’ll probably find now are stored vegetables: potatoes, garlic, winter squash, dried beans, beets, parsnips. Also frozen and canned vegetables. Some gardeners might be growing some small greens inside under lights.

    From my garden, I now have a few frozen green beans left, some frozen basil pesto, frozen and dried chiles and some frozen sun-dried tomatoes. But not really enough to share.

    Good luck.

  • Than you anyway. I still have some brave little mint leaves surviving in the garden.
    Glad to meet you!

  • How cute! I love the pictures.


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