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Yippee! I made xxx! I added Google ads to my sidebar and in 4 hours I earned $xxx US. That’ll add up to big bucks in a year: $xxx! Wow….

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  • Nice! Time to turn in your resignation letter at work …

    I just clicked on one of your ads, so you’re probably rolling in dough right about now.

  • Yes. The resignation letter. Thanks for suggesting this!

  • I agreed never to click on the ads, so I don’t even know where they go. I hope they are clean. I think I’ll go click on someone else’s (Mark’s or Crista’s or …) and see where they go…

  • Scott Hildenbrand
    February 22, 2008 3:20 AM

    Actually considering the traffic you seem to get, with a little optimization you could at the very least make a few bucks a day without issue.

    Take a little work.. Key is to blend the ads with the content and to not have them stick out.

    And Google won’t kill you if you click on an ad or two of your own unit. I do it from time to time to verify advertising and to get info on ads in case I need to block them.

  • Thanks.

  • You won’t be getting any pennies out of me, I use the Adblock plugin on my browser.

  • Ahhh. To add-google-ads or not to add-google-ads, that is the question …..

    After 24 hours, 707 page impressions, and I think probably 5 hours of my time on palettes and optimizing, my ads have earned $1.04! (That translates to $379.60 per year.)

    This is well below what would make it worthwhile monetarily to me. And it seems some of my viewers will see little blank squares and may not visit my site!!!

    I just wanted to try it out.

  • Most people don’t even notice the ads on my site since I placed the page element low on the side. I am always amused by what appears. Usually it’s gardening, but this week, after a post about a stuffed dog I created from a sock, there was an ad about small dog clothing.

  • Today I have an ad for nursing in California. Maybe because I posted about my (garden) beds?


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