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2008 plan0001
It seems like I will even have some extra gardening space this year. Very unusual for me. I’m used to squeezing in this here and that there. I don’t have the plot assigned yet, so I don’t want to be too certain about it, but I have been assured I will be able to get one. Drawing out a plan now gives me some idea of how many seeds to order.


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  • Somehow my brain mashed the “bush soy/green beans” in the bottom plot of your home garden into “Soylent Green.” That made me take a second look. I’m relieved that you’re just growing beans.

    That community plot is nice and big! I like how you divided up your crops so the new plot doesn’t need as much attention, and all your herbs and cooking vegetables are at home.

  • Nice layout. I always like to see the plans for other peoples gardens.

    One thing I will comment. I know you are probably planning this, but you should incorporate walkways through your community plot. They currently arent listed and will tke up some space.

  • Yes, the community plot shouldn’t need as much regular attention, I’m hoping. The veggies in my home garden are the ones that have always done well there.

    Good point about those pathways. I may totally redo the layout, maybe as beds and walkways like my home garden, once I see the actual plot.

  • don’t bother with lettuce at the community garden- too sunny! that spot can be better used as a walkway -medford gardener

  • Thanks for the lettuce advice. Sounds good.

  • Congratulations on your new plot…I love seeing pics of your plots cause I have a small-ish garden and it shows me what is possible : ) They have opened up community plots about 40 mins drive away…a tad far…but it’s a great start as there are only two community gardens that I know of.

  • 40 minutes is far to drive for a garden plot, but if I had to drive that far to garden I would. I feel lucky that I have at least 3 or 4 all with a five or ten minute drive.

    By the way, I enjoyed stopping by your blog. Nice slippers! I wish I had the patience to crochet.

  • Kathy, I read in Storey’s Basic Country Skills that dill is not a good companion plant for carrots and that you should never place dill in a spot that carrots grew the year before.


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