leftover seeds

leftover seeds
Before I did too much circling in my catalogs, I checked out my leftover seeds. I was surprised to see so many. I won’t need to buy as many new seeds as I thought this year. Between the leftovers and the ones I saved, I have many seeds.

I am excited about some little watermelon seeds I saved from a delicious melon I bought from my CSA. (I’m hoping it wasn’t a hybrid.) I also have several types of wildflowers that I will plant outside in plastic milk bottles in February. Of course, I have my Capucijner peas. They look good. I’m hungry for another meal of these! I have at least half a package of each of my great green bean varieties from last year: Provider and Maxibel. I have lots of summer squash seeds, and peas and radishes. Some of these just didn’t do well in my shady garden and this year I hope they will enjoy the sun of my yet-to-be-assigned community plot. Oh, and lots of Dukat dill seeds. And so many leftover lettuce seeds …

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum & Nakai, family Cucurbitaceae)

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