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Not much to do in the garden now, so I have a new garden-related project. I’m working on designing a gardening tee-shirt with my photos. I would like a design that is black and white on a colored shirt. Ideally pictures that look like ink drawings. And words that relate to growing vegetables. I have some nice software to work with the photos. This design is a start, but pretty far from what I’d like. I’ll continue to work on it.

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  • A gardening teeshirt sounds great!

  • This design makes a nice note card. I made up a couple today.

    I think a tee-shirt will be difficult. Its one thing to make a pretty design for a card, another to make something I’d want to wear around.

  • What a great idea for a notecard!

  • Are you thinking of something just for yourself – or something we could have also? I have a gardening outfit you know – T shirt (either old black T shirt with Peace and Love sign from our school fundraiser where we went dressed up as hippies from the 70s, or old white T shirt of my husband’s), plus Sloggers gardening vest, blue or green tradesman’s pants, french gardening clogs and hat. I wear this outfit to my community garden plot every morning. It’s hard wearing, nothing special and saves my ordinary clothes from being destroyed. I could have a gardening T shirt added to the predictable gardening outfit.

  • Yes I think your uniform could use some variety. Though it sounds nice and comfy.

    I’m trying to make something I could sell on my site. But I think it’ll take me a while. I’ll keep at it. won’t give me an account for some reason. Maybe there’s another vendor out there?


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