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As Scott reminded me, I did not order any chiles. I was actually feeling that I had way too many last year and I needed a break. But I just looked back over comments from last year and found Scott’s suggestions about chile varieties.

In the future you might consider other, more flavorful, New Mex chile varieties such as: Hatch (“supreme” or “big jim”) or Espanola Improved… big jim is the local favorite but I prefer the supreme.

Maybe I’ll order one package of seeds ….. just to try these. Here’s a link to a company in New Mexico that sells Big Jim (but not Supreme – Every time I google “Chile Supreme” I find out what Chile’s supreme court is up to).

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  • Every summer when I was a child I visited my grandmother in New Mexico. I’ve been trying to find Hatch chiles as well! There is nothing like them.

    Native Seeds also has some New Mexican chiles:

    And Baker Creek Heirlooms:

    Both are good companies, and a bit cheaper.

  • The Hatch seeds sure are expensive at 7.99!

    Like you said, Baker Creek has a chile called Numex Big Jim for only 1.50! I bet its pretty much the same variety.


  • I grow more chiles than I do anything else– green chile is staple to NM food.

    One of the best places to buy chile seed I know is Plants of the Southwest – They carry Big Jim, Espanola, Chimayo, and Pasillas, just to name a few. Another excellent variety, not quite as big, but with more flavor than the Big Jim is the Joe E. Parker, which you can get from New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute.

  • I was just teasing about the chiles … I did not get the chile bug until I moved here from Balt. Not sure why the Hatch site was so pricey! Melindsa’s Baker site seemed much more reasonable. I will buy mine from the local hardware store in a month or so. You will like Big Jim if you decide to plant some. Two plants will be enough. They do not get very large but will produce well if you continually harvest. Pick them green once they firm up. Don’t forget to roast them then peel the skins. They are inedible, so are the seeds.

    On another note, you almost had me convinced to try Brandywine this year but my season is just too short. My peak harvest for early varieties is typically between the first and second week of Sept. with first frost as early as the last week of Sept. So I am afraid there is a chance that the peak would be lost. But they do sound good.
    Congrats on 50k


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