more snow!!!

wreath with snow
Well, its starting out to be a wild winter. Last year we had almost no snow. In fact, snow before Christmas is fairly infrequent near Boston. The map below shows the frequency of snow depths in the US of at least 1 inch on December 25th.

In the Boston area, its less than a 50-50 chance that we’ll have snow on Christmas Day. So far this year we’ve had lots of ice and snow. The storm today gave us about 10 inches! That’s on top of last week’s 3 inches. And a Nor’Easter is forecast for the weekend. Oh my.

Its a good thing Skippy enjoys the snow.
its snowing

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  • Lovely photo of the wreath hanging on the picket fence…and Skippy looks downright frosty!
    We have snow, too….in my last post I shared a photo of our snow covered mountain.

  • Skippy always enjoys the snow. But then, he always has his nice fur coat! I prefer the warmth inside.

    I enjoyed seeing your snow covered mountains in Idaho. Thanks for sharing.


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