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2007 garden
Since the weather is SOOOOO bleak, I have put together a composite of my favorite photos from 2007. I won’t complain about the horrible nasty, lousy weather here. I’ll complain later. (Cold, dark, miserable…)

It certainly was a good summer. Lots of nice vegetables and flowers. My tomatoes were wonderful. Also my edamame (soybeans) were super. Green beans and peas were nice, as were my cukes, chili peppers, and soup peas. I enjoyed watching for honey bees, though I did not spot many. (A few in the late summer.) I enjoyed watching the birds working in my garden. Several types nested nearby, including sparrows and robins. Maybe next year we can accommodate the house wrens too.

Next year, my big plans are for a couple chickens and maybe a rain barrel or two in my home garden. Plus. I look forward to starting a new plot at the local community garden. I hope I will be assigned a BIG SUNNY plot. Here’s hoping. The kind of hope and excitement that gets us Northerners through the lousy weather.

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  • Beautiful pictures. I’m also comtemplating on having a couple of chickens on my vegetable garden (that will be my first experience with those animals… 😉 )

  • Hi – found your blog while searching for raised bed images. fantastic garden – did you build it or hire it out? Photos are great and Skippy is pretty handsome too.

    I have a small flock of chickens – a daily delight.

    Catherine in Illinois

  • Oh you will love having a few chickens (or chooks as we call them in Australia)just make sure they don’t get into your garden as they’ll love scratching round in it.

  • “Chooks” has such a nice sound to it. It seems like everyone likes chickens! As for the raised beds, my husband built them.

  • I loved the collage! great to see Skippy taking pride of place in the middle. Isn’t it miserable this time of year, the shortest day today and not much happening in the garden. Roll on Spring!

  • Skippy likes to take his place in the center of attention! I too would like to see spring come soon. But I think it will be several more months away.


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