backyard grapefruit

grapefruit tree grapefruit
My little sister planted a grapefruit seed about 30 years ago. Now it is the most fantastic tree in the backyard of my parents’ Florida house. Thirty feet tall and every year filled with juicy Florida sunshine. Too many to even count.

What is it about growing food in your own backyard that is sooo satisfying? It tastes delicious and is just there for the picking.

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  • My daughter planted lemon seeds several years ago, and we now have a couple of five foot trees. In fact, I just started to notice some flower buds this past week. It’d be cool to get lemons!

  • I bet you will have lemons soon! Congratulations. I’m sure they will taste delicious. There’s something special about homegrown fruits. In a few years, you’ll have make a lot of lemonade…


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