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I went by the community garden plots last weekend. Though I will not get assigned one ’til April of next year, I was wandering through, thinking of which one I would like. I spoke with two gardener who said they loved gardening there. They mentioned a couple of plots at the north side, near the meadow, that seemed unused. These are just where I would like to be. One is covered with raspberries, which are prolific in the gardens and everyone picks. I don’t want to remove nice berries. But the one in the top photo looks perfect to me. I’m hoping…. Lots of other nice ones too.

Belmont Victory Garden

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  • I think April will be a hard time to start. It won’t give you a chance to mulch or dig any weeds before the winter, so you will have to start the year off digging established weeds.

    The year on our plots begins November 1st (I was allowed to start a month early), which is also has it’s disadvantages because it doesn’t give you a lot of time before winter sets in. I guess when it comes down to it, no time is really good or bad, you just have to make due.

    I’m excited, I can’t wait to see your new garden!

    Did you say already, how big are their plots?

  • I’ve tried hard to get a fall assignment. No luck. As you say, its hard to say the month a garden starts and ends.

    My family is afraid Skippy and I will never be home, once we get a plot… I am just imagining it still. I’ll grow the crops that have been doing well here in my side yard (tomatoes, cukes) and the ones that have not done well in the sunny new plot.

    The plots vary in size. It looks like the smaller ones are 15 x 20 (300 square ft, 28 sq meters). The larger ones are at least twice this size. The smallest seem fine for me. 300 sq ft is bigger than the size of my home garden!

  • I can’t wait to follow along with your new community garden adventure. It’ll be nice to watch as you go community while christa over at calendula and concrete gardens in her new home garden for the first time.

    I’m curious, are you doing this more for the social aspect of gardening or the sun or the dirt or what?

  • We have no community gardens in my area, I am trying to see if there is a way to start one, but government in a big city is not easy. Good luck with your garden, I am looking forward to seen your posts about the garden and fellow gardeners.


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