teeny pumpkin


Here’s my tiny little pumpkin. It’s even smaller than it looks. I’m leaving it on the vine to make sure its fully ripe. The stem is starting to turn brown, but there’s still some green on the fruit. No frost in the forecast, so I think its fine to leave it to ripen longer.

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  • I’ve been cruising around your Skippy’s Backyard blog and now this one. I’m impressed with your beautiful vegetable garden, your photography and your beautiful skippy. I have a ‘Skipper’ who’s part Aussie Cattle Dog and Aussie Sheepdog. I’m not fishing for visitors to my garden blog, but will mention it here so you can visit if you wish. I mostly post on my cooking blog and seldom encounter other gardening blogs, especially one as lovely as yours.

  • Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed looking at your delicious cooking blog. Yummy.


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