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Skippy and I walked though the Rock Meadow Victory Garden yesterday. I just get overwhelmed with how beautiful vegetable gardens are! And to see so many together almost puts me over the edge.

The fall is a great time for gardens. Rich colors and the evidence of a full season of producing fruits. Birds and bees are in abundance – singing, buzzing, gathering.

This collection of 120 garden plots is very nicely maintained. A beautiful range of gardens: from all flowers to all vegetables – even some fruit trees and lots of berry bushes.

I was so enamored that I am looking into getting my own plot. I am realizing that the trees in my yard are not getting any smaller. The shade continues to advance. Some crops do very well there. Some just don’t even compare with the plants in the Victory Garden plots, which receive full bright unfiltered sunlight.

So, I’m imagining what would go well at my plot next year. A topic that can keep me laying awake much too long at night. Potatoes, squashes, lettuce, fava beans …. We’ll see.

In the meantime, you can see a slide show of more of my Victory Garden photos here on Flickr.

Belmont Victory Garden

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  • I wish I could find community gardens here in my town. I have heard there are many but can’t find information on where exactly. Those are some beautiful garden pictures. I would say get a plot and grow grow grow!

  • I LOVE community gardens. Even though I have a former pasture (i.e. space) for my garden, I stop at the Seattle P-patches or the Renton garden now and then just for fun. I think my next vacation may be to tour UK & Germany community gardens! Hope they have a plot available for you. Paula

  • Totally impressed by those brassicas. Do they naturally grow like that, without protection… or did you take the nets off to take the wonderful photo?! I simply can’t grow cabbages and cauliflowers without nets to keep off the birds.

  • Aren’t those brassicas beautiful!! Almost as nice as the stunning photos on your blog.

    The pictures in this post are all from a community garden near my house. I visited several times this year and never saw any row covers. I know I had trouble with cabbage worms this year and needed row covers on my kale and broccoli.

    But birds? Fortunately we don’t have pigeons here. I mostly have sparrows. These do a pretty good job of removing cabbage worms in the spring when they’re feeding their chicks.


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