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Mid-summer a risky time to leave a garden, even for a few days. As I expected, there were tons of ripe tomatoes waiting for us, a few large zucchini, and green beans plants that just keep on making more beans. My four pumpkin vines were nearly successful at taking over the garden. The hungry green cabbage caterpillars stripped off all the leaves on about half of my young broccoli plants.

After a bit of garden work, all is back in order now. I picked a few bowls full of tomatoes, a big bowl of green beans, and two nice servings of soybeans. (Ooops – I still have to remember to go pick those zucchinis!) I tied the pumpkin vine to the fence to keep it at the edge of the garden. Quite impressive – how large a few vines can get! Baby pumpkins have just started forming.

The broccoli seedlings took more work. I searched for and removed the fat green caterpillars, removed the eaten plants and replaced them with extras I’m glad I had saved (and the caterpillars didn’t find). My son made some nice hoops that we covered with garden fabric. I noticed that my covered kale is doing well (its been under row covers for 2 weeks now – hiding from the caterpillars), so I think this will make my little broccolis happier.

I was pleased to see that my young fall pea sprouts are growing well (about 2 inches tall), and my late crop of pinto beans is up near the top of its tepee. On the disappointing side, the lettuce is still not growing. (Too hot!) I keep planting a short row every two weeks or so but very little has sprouted all summer (since early June). I think I’ll try an indoor seeding as fall is approaching.

aerial Aug 28 2007

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  • I garden at 30dN latitude (Gulf Coast) and manage to grow Black Seeded Simpson lettuce in near-complete shade now. I think it gets a couple of hours of early morning sun. It’s not picture perfect, but enough to cut-and-come-again. I eke out the hot weather salad-wise with sprouts husbanded inside.

    -Love the compactness of Skippy’s garden, btw, and thanks for the overhead shots; it helps me think about space planning.

  • My lettuce plot is pretty shady too. Its just hard to get it to sprout and grow at 90F. I’m impressed you can grow it in the summer so far south! I think black seeded simpson is the most reliable variety I’ve grown. A delicious lettuce.


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