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blighted pole beans blighted pole bean leaves
My pole beans have been suffering this year. The vines are very stunted and leaves are mottled and crinkled. I thought they weren’t getting enough water and then I thought it was the black aphids that killed the nearby fava beans. But I think it is probably a mosaic virus (maybe bean common mosaic virus or cucumber mosaic virus?). These viruses are spread by aphids and the only solution seems to be planting resistant varieties. I noticed that most of the pole beans at our local community garden also looked heavily affected. It must be a bad year for this virus. The problem is affecting both varieties of pole beans that I planted in my garden back in May (Italian Pole Beans and Blue Lake) and the Scarlet Runner beans I recently bought and have in pots on my porch. Fortunately my bush beans (Royal Burgundy, Provider and Haricots Verts) and soybeans are fine so far.


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  • Sorry about your beans! I’m growing pole beans for the first time and wondering when I’m supposed to see any beans; they have been flowering for over a week. Any thoughts?


  • If you sprinkle ashes from your fireplace on the leaves,the plants will be disease and insect free.

  • Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your pole beans? My scarlet runners look just like this! i was thinking it was a potassium deficiency in the soil.

  • I didn't figure out more about this. I just grow virus resistant varieties in this plot since then and they do fine. My guess is still that it was a virus in this soil. Maybe bean mosaic virus.

    Its shady and maybe the plants just don't have the strength to outgrow the virus here.


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