planting fall broccoli

Starting Seeds

broccoli tray broccoli
I’ve decided to try planting seeds indoors for a fall crop of broccoli, since my spring broccoli was so tasty this year. I picked up a package of Green Goliath broccoli seeds and potting soil at my local hardware store. I found an old seed tray in the garage. I’ll keep the seedlings inside by a south facing window.

This spring was the first time I’ve planted broccoli and even my teenage son enjoyed it. He agreed it is better than supermarket broccoli. The small plants I bought in May have been producing small to medium sized (and even a large one!) florets off and on for the past two months. I did kind of over cook it, though I only boiled it 3 minutes. I wonder if very fresh broccoli cooks faster that older broccoli? I’ll do 2 minutes next time.


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