Today’s harvest included several firsts: my first tomato, summer squash, chili pepper, and cucumber! Probably also two lasts: the broccoli and snap peas.

The harvest list: broccoli, chili pepper, cucumber, zucchini squash, 1 cherry tomato, baby carrots, purple and green beans, Capucijner and sugar snap peas.
harvests from my vegetable gardens

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  • You pull more veggies out of your small garden than many farmers around here do with an acre of garden. When it comes to vegetable gardening, you are truly a master!

    Great job!

  • I have to get out there and remeasure my space, now that I had the big bush removed and added some very sunny space. Maybe I’m up to 250 or even 300 sq feet now!

  • That really is a lot for such a small space! What do you think of the capucijners, have you had any yet? Did you end up with enough to both save some seeds and eat some?

  • I’m not sure what to do with the capucijners. I’ll post some photos later today showing my bowl of peas. I’m wondering if I dried them right and how long I can save them before cooking them for best flavor. Also I need to look into recipes. My dad sent me a recipe he found on-line that I can pull out. He’s been asking for a bowl of soup.


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