after vacation

Photos of my Gardens

broccoli escarole scapes
soybean buds zucchini purple bean flowers
baby cuke capucijner romaine
Scenes from the garden after our return from a brief vacation: (from top left) there are a couple good sized heads of broccoli, endive Natasha is heading up, garlic scapes are ready for picking, soybeans have lots of tiny buds, MANY baby zucchinis, purple podded beans have purple flowers, baby cucumbers are forming, purple pods of the Capucijner peas are drying, a June planting of romaine lettuce looks good. Also looking good are my great big potato plants, green beans hanging on the plants, pumpkin vines are several feet long, super looking orange and purple carrots, and snap peas that continue to produce pods. Crops that are past are the black seeded simpson lettuce, curly endive (bolted), green peas, arugula and cilantro. These I have pulled and will use the space for more lettuce, beans, and a fall planting of broccoli.

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  • I absolutely love your site. The photography, layout, and content are topnotch! One question: how are you able to layout your Flickr photos so elegantly and with various borders?

  • The photo border is part of my blogger template. I picked up the template from Blogger a few years ago. (I don’t know if new Blogger uses the same templates.) Its called Blogger Template Style
    Name: 565
    Designer: Douglas Bowman
    Date: 28 Feb 2004
    I’ve made some modifications to the template but I’m not very good with HTML code and the photo borders are original code. I just vary the Flickr photo sizes a bit.

    Thanks for the compliments.

  • Beautiful veggies, beautiful photos and a creative presentation. A feast for the eyes!


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