the view from the window

Old Urban Garden


aerial views of my home vegetable garden

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  • I wish I had an upstairs window to view my garden from! Everything looks so nice in your garden. It must be a lovely place to just relax and enjoy and wait for all those good vegetables to ripen.

  • Yes. Sometimes I sit on the pathway and watch it grow.

  • Love the aerial views. Was this photo taken on a rainy day?

  • The photo was not taken on a rainy day, but early in the morning (9am) with the sprinklers going. I have found that in the mid-summer, it is too bright for this aerial shot to work well mid-day. Plus the garden looks better when its wet. I took a bunch of photos mid-day the previous day that were terrible. The camera doesn’t seem to focus well with the high light level. Rainy days work well too.


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