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Oh well. The radish crop was not so good. I planted a 3′ row (about 20 radish plants) and only one radish formed a bulb. The rest are these skinny little roots and a couple are making flower stalks. The radish that did bulb has a root pest nibbling at it. I planted another row a couple of weeks ago. Maybe that one will do better. Otherwise, I’ll skip the radish.


radish (Raphanus sativus)

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  • I had the same problem with my radishes this year, too. I wonder why? Here in Minnesota we’ve had pretty dry weather, not wet, with higher than normal temperatures. I was blaming my bad radishes on the hot weather, but you mentioned in your tomato post that you’ve had wet weather. Hmmm.

  • that must have been dissapointing.

    maybe i had beginners luck, i am a first time gardener, but…


  • I am having the same issues with my radishes this year. (I’m also in MA near the RI border.) None of my radishes are ‘bulbing’ in my 1′ sq bed.

  • The exact same thing happened to me last year. The ones that formed bulbs were tough and split and the others just skinny roots. Haven’t planted any this year. I wonder if it’s the hot weather.

  • My guess was that mine didn’t get enough sun. I’ve read all sorts of things that can be a problem for radish (too little sun, too hot, root insects, too much nitrogen, too little phosphorus, etc etc). My garden doesn’t get a lot of sun, plus its been sooo cloudy recently.

  • Mine are coming out that way, too. Some are nice and round, but a lot of them have spindly, hard roots. The were planted in two spots – one that gets more sun, one that gets less, and both have the same problem, though the sunnier spot has better radishes overall.

  • i know how to plant radishes

  • I am so frustrated that I am conducting a radish experiment with 7 varieties this year. So easy a 4 year old can grow them. Sigh. Maybe it is like that tone that only teenagers can hear? Have I lost my radish tone? :O hee!

  • My radish crop is terrible this year. Maybe it is all the rain we hve gotten.

  • Make sure to work the soil to a depth of around 10 inches before planting. Then till in some organic material such as old leaves, grass, or any good compost. A sandy easily drained soil is best, but you do need a good amount of organic matter as well. Water at least once a week, and it often helps to loosen harder packed soils with a pitchfork by going underneath the radishes and gently prying up. This was a bad year for radishes everywhere. Good luck!


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