pretty peas

peas up close
peas in a pod bowl of peas
I harvested a little crop of green peas and made a few nice servings for my summer guests. This is probably all I will get from my back row of pisello nano peas. It is a short variety. (I thought they would be tall and produce more – but they only climbed 1 foot up my 4 foot trellis.) Though I’m complaining a little, I’ve actually I’ve never had such a good pea crop, so I’m very pleased.

Pisum sativum

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  • Those peas look delicious! Your Dorothy Perkins roses are just beautiful, both up close and at a distance.

  • Great pictures! My congrats to Skippy and his helper.

    Did you use inoculant on these peas?

  • That rose is just so wonderful. Last year I found several others around the neighborhood and posted photos. It blooms for only one week, but is spectacular. It is usually mixed in with others vines and shrubs and has a graceful, old-fashioned, naturalized look to it. The shade of pink varies a bit. I will have to remember to bring my camera with me in case I find new Dorothy’s this year.

  • Yes – I did use inoculant on the peas. The first time I have done that! It definitely helped. No question.

    Last year I ended up with about 3 pea pods from a package of peas. Germination, growth and fruiting were poor. This year all three were great. I think next year I need to space them out a bit more (I really crowded them), plant them earlier, and I’d prefer to have a tall variety.

  • The peas look great and the photos of the peas look amazing! I’d be interested to know what kind of lighting set-up you used, or if that’s natural light.

  • That is natural light from my kitchen window at midday. I like to avoid using my camera’s built in flash whenever I can. I think I can even see the three window panes on some of the peas – now that you mention it! An interesting comment.

  • your peas look so nice! my peas did not make it this year due weather. i guess i'll try again another time.


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