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I’m starting to collect tomato plants. I usually plant 18 tomato plants. The varities I have are: Chadwick’s Cherry (heirloom), Rutgers, Moskvich (heirloom), and New Girl. I’ve never grown any of these before.

I was just looking at my records from last year and noticed that last year it rained almost non-stop from May 8 to May 20. I didn’t plant my tomatoes until May 23rd! I hope to do better this year. The weather doesn’t look too bad for the near future. Hopefully the tomatoes will go in early next week – around May 14.

Solanum lycopersicum

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  • Hooray for tomatoes. Do you grow 18 different varieties or multiple plants of only a few varieties?

    It is amazing how many different kinds there are. I’m growing 21 different varieties this year and none of them are represented by your list.

    I haven’t heard of Moskvich. What color tomatoes are they?

    Good luck getting an earlier start than last year.

  • Hi Marc,

    I usually grow 18 plants of about 5 or 6 varieties. Maybe I’ll squeeze in more this year. I wish I could do 21 varities! That sounds like fun. Today I bought a 6 pack of Early Girls. Always a good one. I’m on the look out for Brandywine – my favorite. What is your favorite variety?

    Moskvich is described as:
    60 days, indeterminate — An heirloom variety said to have originated in Eastern Siberia. The indeterminate vines produce flavorful, four to six ounce, deep red, smooth, globe-shaped fruits. Tolerant of cooler temperatures and starts producing early.

  • Starting tomatoes indoors is a lot easier than peppers! When you grow them from seed, you have a lot more choices of varieties. Both Sandhill and Baker Creek have nice collections of tomato seeds.

    You probably knew this already…

    My favorties are the black (purple really) ones. They usually have a very nice smokey-sweet taste.

  • Hi Patrick,

    I’m glad to hear you recommend the dark ones. I’ve never grown those. My favorite local nursery has some dark heirloom ones and maybe I’ll go down and buy some on Monday.

    I bought Big Beef, Marglobe, Brandywine, and Big Boy today.

    I’m thinking about trying tomatoes from seed next year.


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