more daffodils

I keep finding new kinds of daffodils in my backyard. The one with two shades of yellow is really nice.

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  • Beautiful! do they all have the lovely scent?

  • I don;t know. I’m surprised to think that I’ve never even smelled them. I’ll let you know tomorrow!

  • I just have to tell you that I am envious of your ability to post such a beautiful array of photos. Aside from the fact that you have some beautiful subjects to photograph, Your ability to arrange them as you do is remarkable. I just recently began blogging and have my own blog but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get photos on my site. You are truly an inspiration to me to keep trying. I will prevail, but the lack of information on how to do it is disheartening. Keep those beautiful photos coming.

  • Thanks. I have a lot of fun with my flowers, computer and camera.

  • You might want to try using Flickr to upload photos to a blog. You can set up a free account if you only have a few photos to upload. Otherwise I think its worth the $25 for lots of uploads. They allow you to post a higher resolution photo than Blogger. To upload a photo from a Blogger account, just hit the photo icon and browse to find your jpeg picture file on your computer. It will upload automatically. Good luck.


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