Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

I’m joining in with bloggers who participate in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Since its the middle of the month, I’m posting photos of the what’s blooming in my vegetable garden.

violet 1
Right now my most prolific bloomer is the pretty purple violets. They pop up here and there with their happy little faces.

marigold 1
Once again, I have planted marigolds in the corners of my raised beds. Little french red and yellow ones. I enjoy their pungent smell.

chives tomato
I only have a few vegetables that are budded now. The extra large Big Boy tomato I bought this week with buds already on it. Likewise, pre-budded broccoli. Also, in bud is a garlic chive.

Most of the flowers I have are just outside my vegetable garden. These irises are next to my new tomato area. I’m hoping the weather clears and the soil dries up, so I can plant my tomatoes here later today.

Finally, here’s a cheery daffodil I planted in between my raised beds. At May Dream’s Gardens, you can find others gardeners participating in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

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  • Your garden looks lovely and so fresh with the recent rain. How lucky you are to have such a healthy looking broccoli plant. I had a terrible time with whiteflies the last time I planted it here.

    I too enjoy the violets with their “happy little faces.” Always cheerful!

  • Love the colour of your Irises. I have a vegetable garden too but it is slightly further along than yours.

    Your broccoli is looking very healthy, I tried them last year but with not much success.

    There are some things in bloom on my blog too!

  • I love your raised bed vegetable garden, an inspiration for us all for how well you and Skippy keep it up.

    While you are waiting for clear weather, we are praying for rain, as it is too dry for May around here.

    And thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for the first time. I hope you join us again next month.

  • Mmmmmmm . . . I love your iris. What a fantastic color!


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