nine daffodils
I planted a half of a bag of daffodils this year (I shared them with my parents). About 50 bulbs of “The Works” from White Flower Farm. It’s a lot easier for me to buy a mix of bulbs than to pick my favorite daffodil. Here’s what’s blooming this week. (I’m surprised to have no King Alfred daffodils. Maybe I gave my parents all of the big bulbs.)

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  • All are pretty! The double up in the upper right corner is very nice.

  • I think my favorite here is the white in the center.

  • Goodmorning CG,

    It gives me pleasure to read your posts and I enjoy witnessing your enthusiasm.

    Can’t help wondering however that after all your webwork you still find time to actually do the gardening 🙂

    Narcissus “King Alfred”? Don’t know that one. And I ought to, seeing that we garden in the place where King Alfred was born!! Just outside a small town called Wantage, in Oxfordshire, UK. And in the market square they have his statue to prove it 😉

    If you are looking for a delicious late-comer, plant some Narcissus triandrus “Thalia” for next season. I also obtained the citronella version and they are just as lovely as the Spanish species.

    I am frantically working to get my own garden pages finsihed. ( After four years’ publishing, I changed hosts, and everything is in a mess right now. That includes the garden itself. As soon as I am straight, I would love to have you make a virtual visit).



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