cucumber plants

cuke packs cukes in a row
I planted cucumber seeds on May 9th, but none sprouted. I couldn’t even find any of the seeds in the soil. So I bought two 6-packs of plants – Slicemaster and pickling cukes. I planted these today under the trellis.

I also put some seeds of striped Armenian cucumbers into a little 6-pack with potting soil. This is one of the varieties that didn’t sprout. I’ll keep this in a nice warm location and see if I can get a few seedlings.

I planted two types of cucumber seeds in early May, Diva and striped Armenian. I put them at the back of bed #5, the coldest and shadiest area of the garden. Probably not a good choice of location for cukes, since the soil needs to be nice and warm for them to sprout. I think I’ll put the lettuce in this bed next year.

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  • Good Morning! I just wanted to let you know that I check out your site every day to see how your garden is doing (and see if mine is behind). Love your site! I am also in zone 6, south west of Boston and until I found your site, I never would have thought to plant Peas mid-April. (I grew up in NH and couldn’t start gardening that early.) BTW; my peas are over 3′ tall already! Thanks for posting daily photos!

  • Wow, 3ft peas! Mine are about half of that now. Thanks for your note! I’m on my was out to the garden now….

  • Hallo. I hope you have better luck with yuor cukes! I have stopped growing them because they always end up miserable…like….dead.
    Have a really nice day/Tyra

  • But they look so pretty!

  • You know, none of the cucumbers I planted sprouted, either. I started a few inside and they’re coming up just fine, so I don’t know what happened. Can’t wait to get them planted (too hot right now, though).

  • Last year, the cucumbers were my best crop. I’d hate to skip the cuke crop. The new little plants seem to be doing good. I hope they grow up OK. Its such a cold and shady location. Once they get a foot tall they’ll reach the sunshine.


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