updated tomato varieties


I miscounted the number of varieties of tomato plants I have: Really only 10 different varieties, 20 plants. I have Brandywine (3), Early Girl (3), Marglobe (3), Big Beef (3), Big Girl (3), Big Boy (1), Moskvich (1), Chadwick Cherry (1), Rutgers (1) and New Girl (1).

These are all red tomatoes, mostly large ones. I have a mix of heirlooms (Brandywine, Moskvich and Chadwick), old non-heirlooms (Rutgers and Marglobe) and hybrids (Early Girl, Big Girl, New Girl, Big Boy and Big Beef). I’m looking forward to comparing these.

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  • Dear Carletongarden and Skippy,
    My son and I would like you to know about our GreatBigVegChallenge blogspot which aims to turn him from a veg phobic into a veg lover…it could take some time!
    We love the pictures of your allotment and would like to share our recipes with you and your readers.

  • Thanks for the link! You have a great site to visit. My son eats 3 vegetables: broccoli, carrots, and green beans – that all. Its quite a challenge to expand the vegetable horizons of a youngster.


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