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garden 4-2-07
I wish I had had time to garden two days ago when we had a sunny dry day, but I didn’t. I could have turned the soil and planted the peas. Now we are in the middle of a rainy spell. It will probably be muddy for another three or four days. My goal was to get the planting started by April 15. That’s 11 days away.

I did finally figure out the problem with my irrigation system. One of the tubes was pushed deep into the soil. This is where my cucumber trellis was last year. A trellis post must have pushed it into the soil. I hope it is intact and doesn’t leak.

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  • I know the drippy feeling you have right now. We’ve had rain for a week straight, and snow (!) is forecast for today. I noted in my blog that on this date last year I had already been in the garden doing clean up (and a year ago this weekend I planted all sorts of spring things). Oh well, anticipation will make the actual planting all the sweeter, right?

  • I’m afraid your snow is coming our way, but I don’t want to listen to the forecast details. (I hope the 6 inches I heard was someone else…) I did turn over one bed today, but the ground was still frozen underneath at about 6-8 inches. Amazing. I kept hitting the hard layer with my shovel. So, yes, that’s the feeling – drippy and cold!


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