planting peas

planting peas
Today I planted the last of my peas. This is a row of sugar snap peas. I scattered the seeds thickly in a 5 inch wide trough. Then I sprinkled a good amount of inoculant over them. This is the first year I have used inoculant and it is a different method than the inoculant directions recommended (they suggested wetting the peas then coating them with inoculant and then planting them). I found this to be a lot easier. It seemed to work well for my previous seedings of peas this year, which are sprouting well.

Pisum sativum

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  • I’m intruiged… What is the dried grass for? A mulch or something else?

  • Its salt marsh hay. I’m using it as a mulch for several reasons: to retain moisture, to keep the birds from taking dust baths in the dry soil and scattering my pea seeds, to suppress weed growth between the row, and because I like the way it looks.


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