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I was tagged in the 5 things game. This has been circulating among bloggers for a while and bifurcated carrots tagged me last week. So, here is my list of five previously unrevealed things about me (but maybe you suspected these already):

1. Since I turned over my garden last May, I have taken 7,368 photos with my pocket-sized Pentax Optio camera (a great little 5Mp waterproof camera). That’s 921 pictures a month, 205 pictures a week, and 30 pictures every day. (I’m just glad its not film! Remember those days?) This Christmas, I was given a gift card for a fancy new camera (I’m still deciding what to buy) and I am hoping to take even more pictures next year.

2. I have a bad habit of staying up until 2 or 3 am working or blogging.

3. My car is ALWAYS dirty – dirt from the dog and dirt from gardening. I can’t seem to keep up with cleaning it out.

4. My dog heads for the door when he hears me pick up a frying pan. Very quickly and tail between his legs. And my husband gave me a nice red fire extinguisher for Christmas. What’s wrong with my cooking anyway? I just like to get a good sear on the meat and prefer to cook on high. I suppose there have been a few flames now and then….

5. I garden because I find that rows of vegetable plants are very beautiful. Edible produce is an added bonus.

I will now tag the following five bloggers (from some of my favorite blogs) and invite them to list five new things about themselves, if they would like to do this (although since the game has been going on for a while, they may have already revealed everything):

My California Garden in Zone 23
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Gardening in Central Florida
May Dreams Gardens
Susan Gets Native

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