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garden 2006
I’m getting tired of taking lettuce and carrot pictures (that’s about all that’s left in my garden now), so I picked out some garden photos from last year and assembled them into a composite. I’m working on my seed order this week and its almost ready to go. I have to remember that I only have at most 350 square feet of garden space. I can’t plant everything…

Edit: Well, I over estimated my gardening space. I got out my tape measure and it turns out my garden beds are 3.5 x 9 feet. I have 4 raised beds and two similar sized areas elsewhere. That’s 189 square feet. I can round it off to 200, I suppose, but not 350.


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  • That is a really neat composite picture. Can I ask how you did that?

  • I assembled the jpg’s in PowerPoint. I made the spaces between the photos with white lines, so they would be even. I then used a free document converter called docPrint to export a high resolution jpg (500x500dpi) out of PowerPoint. I uploaded this to Flickr and linked my blog to the Flickr URL.


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