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the last of the garden 2compost binNov 8 gardenwet lettuce
Its a dark, wet November day. Yesterday I moved all my lettuce plants together into one little patch. The patch has several types of lettuce, endive, a bit of dill and some chard. Now I have less to cover up on cold nights. Yesterday I also cleaned out my remaining tender garden plants. The compost bin is quite full with memories of the summer season.

Lactuca sativa
my bins and systems for composting compost

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  • well I have certainly watched and been inspired by your garden’s cycles this year- the fact that you’re a northerner (hemisphere) also heelped get me through my winter. Spring will come again, it always does.

  • I look back at my summer pictures and am amazed at how different the yard is now. The seasons go very fast. My favorite is early spring. I will have to watch southern hemisphere gardening sites this winter.


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