planting garlic

I’ve never planted garlic before, but noticed others with on-line garden journals were doing this now. I found a site with real simple instructions. All I had was my cooking garlic, so I will see how this works. I picked out about 30 big cloves. Maybe the variety will not be right for my area. I put it where my squash was and where I planted lettuce seeds a few weeks ago – only one or two lettuce seedlings came up.

Allium sativum

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  • The only problem you might have is some commercial varieties are chemically treated to prevent sprouting. If it grows at all, you obviously don’t have this problem. Now you’re just going to have to figure out what to do with the 30 bulbs of garlic!

  • Oops. Was 30 too much? (That’s counting your chickens….) I hate to tell you, but I have 25 bulbs in my kitchen right now. I do like garlic. It goes with everything.


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