harvest day!


A big harvest today! It was such a beautiful warm and sunny day, I really enjoyed my few minutes of “work” in the garden. Lots of beans – both bush and pole beans. A few tomatoes, several hot peppers, a lot of cukes and several baby yellow summer squash. The best – three big eggplants. I’ve been looking forward to picking these. Tomorrow I’ll make eggplant parmagiano.

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  • I am impressed by your harvest in early October. My garden is just about done, and this weekend it will be ALL done.

  • I’m enjoying the garden and am in denial about the season ending. (But I see you’re in zone 5. I’m a full zone warmer in 6a.)

  • Those are pretty eggplants… what’s the variety name? I grew the shorter, darker ‘Ichiban’ this year–they have a more rounded bottom, too. I would like to try different kinds next year, though, because they’re so good roasted in olive oil and a little sea salt/cracked black pepper.

  • carletongardener
    November 10, 2006 3:08 AM

    The variety is called “Classic”.


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