cooked carrots with parsley

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Daucus carota

I don’t think I’ve ever grown enough carrots to really taste them. Last Tuesday, I pulled a big bunch and cooked enough to make five nice servings. They were delicious. Like a home grown tomato, a whole different flavor than store bought. I think I’ll expand my carrot crop next year with some different varieties.

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  • For taste, one of my favorites are white carrots. They are mild tasting, have much less bitterness than other carrots and they are usually very tender. The one disadvantage is they are sometimes so tender that they easily break when you harvest them.

    For hardiness, go for yellow. They grow fast and strong like a weed.

    For color, purple varieties are my favorite.

    Of course all of these things will vary from season to season and other environmental factors.

  • Even the simplest of dishes can be made to look appetising. Lovely colurs,very healthy.


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