Buttercrunch Bibb lettuce

The lettuce is keeping our salad bowl full this summer.

Lactuca sativa

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  • Hi there.. I know this is an old post by the date, but I’m hoping that I can beat the groundhog by the garden to the buttercrunch I planted a few weeks ago….it looks almost as good as yours here, but thought it had to form a head first..if not, I’m going to harvest soon!(already had to rescue the spinich from the rascal).
    Another Sheila

  • I hope you beat him to it. Nothing like fresh garden lettuce! Mine rarely heads. Maybe because I plant it thick and by the time it has room to head its so hot and sunny that it bolts. But it doesn’t matter – tastes great anyway.

    I pull lettuce for three reasons: its getting too thick and needs to be thinned, its starting to make a stem and bolt, or I just want to eat it in my salad. No matter why I pull it, I eat it! Yumm.


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