snap pea

Finally a snap pea is ripe!

I do have to admit, though, that there are about 5 of these on the vines. Not a very good crop. I’ll probably just eat them raw, right as I pick them. The seeds didn’t fare well with the wet spring and alot didn’t sprout. My snow pea crop will be ready soon and it looks pretty good.

Pisum sativum

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  • Do you ever use innoculant or have you been growing bean and pea plants in the same ground long enough that you know if the nitrogen fixing bacteria is present? I ask this because most of the time I hear about people having a poor harvest this seems to be the problem.

    The bacteria will eventually establish itself, but it will take a while, maybe years. You can buy the innoculant at many garden centers.

  • I have been growing peas and beans in this soil about 14 years now. I always have great bean harvests, but never (or maybe once) good pea harvests. I have always grown shell peas, and this year for the first time am trying snap and snow peas. The snow peas seem pretty good. The snaps didn’t come up well – maybe 20 seedlings from a whole package. It wasn’t too early (May), so I thought maybe too wet? Maybe too late. I should try innoculant, which I have never done. I did notice the package said to use it, but I didn’t. I will remember this and try it next year. Thank you.

    I’m looking forward to the snow peas, which look about 1-2 weeks from harvest.


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