Skippy, Suzie & Charley

Skippy’s not playing like a puppy as much any more. Growing up.

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  • Prairiemoon2
    July 18, 2006 10:56 AM

    I LOVE your dog! 🙂 I have only seen the portugese water dog on TV in dog shows. Has he been easy to train and how do you manage to keep him from damaging your plants? He looks so sweet and comfortable. Do you have water for him? [g]


  • He is a WONDERFUL dog. He is very smart, but it was hard for me to learn how to train him. It was alot of work the first year. He was big trouble – into everything. He totally destroyed my lawn (we re-sodded this year) and garden last summer. But now he is very well behaved. I miss the puppy antics, but am proud how good he is. We walk a 2-mile route almost everyday with several swimming places and he will occasionally jump in my little (8x8ft) backyard pond to cool off.


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