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Old Urban Garden, Photos of my Gardens

I just took this picture of my garden from the second floor window. So much green!

aerial view

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  • Your vegetable garden is gorgeous!

  • Wow, I love your vegetable garden – it is beautiful and very, very green.

  • Looks so green and fresh! Many plants in my D.C. garden have been getting yellowish with all the heat and humidity we’ve had. We need a good soaking rain to give things a lift.

  • New England has had no shortage of rain this year. Everywhere it is green. I think a little cool and late on harvesting though. I harvested my first Early Girl tomato today, and my Brandywine are just starting to bloom this week. I have no records from previous years, so I really can’t say for sure if we’re late. I look forward to a sandwich like Christa in D.C. – a beautiful Brandywine sandwich June 22 (boy, did that look yummy) – but probably not until September for me. Thanks for your comments on my green garden!


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