cucumber biology

My cukes have lots of both male and female flowers. Unlike my squash, I think both came out at the same time. In this set of pictures, the females are on the left and the males on the right. There is even a difference between the two from the top of the flower. Center stuctures are different and petals look different. At the bottom, there is a little bee in a male flower. I hope he goes to the female one soon.

garden bees

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  • Your cucumber plants are so green. The leaves on my plants have gone a bit yellow.

  • Thanks. I am enjoying the green-ness now. You are alot hotter and further into your growing season than me. Mine will get yellow later on. I think maybe yellow leaves are just a sign of the plant getting older after making alot of cukes. Mine will usually get stem borers eventually and mildew too. They get yellow and brown and drop off, and still make cukes. It must get hard to get nutrients to all the leaves as the vines get long. Your yellow cukes look delicious. Mine are Marketmore.

  • Bees, fyi, are female. 'I hope _she_ goes to the female flower soon' would suit better…. 🙂


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