green tomato

On June 20 (20 days ago), I had my first tomato flower. Five days later I was able to photograph a tiny a baby tomato. Here it is now – growing up into a big guy (a Supersonic). Our weather has been good, so it might ripen right on schedule:…
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pumpkins in a pot

            I found a large pot I hadn’t filled yet this year in the back of the garage, so I got a 6-pack of pumpkins and an unlabeled (mystery!) 6-pack and planted them in it. I used three bamboo poles as a support and found…
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creeping bellflower

This pretty blue flower is a really bad problem in my garden. This year I have let it go and it has flowered both in my side and front yard. Tempting to leave it, as the flowers are very nice. But it is horribly invasive and impossible to eliminate. I…
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squash vine borers

Pests & Pathogens, Squashes
I have a continual battle during the summer to defend my squash, pumpkin and cuce stems from squash vine borers. AArrghh. I have been spraying weekly with Sevin for the past three weeks now. Still yesterday I found a hole in a yellow summer squash vine. I’ll see if I…
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baby vegetables

These guys are really tiny. My first cucumber and pea of this year. The amazing thing is, they weren’t there yesterday. Cucumis sativus
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so much is going on

So much is going on in the garden now. The cukes, peas and yellow squash have just started blooming. And the pole beans have sprouted and are growing up fast. I planted some bush beans, lavender and sunflower seeds today. I don’t know if its too late for them, but…
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Compost bins

Garden Structures
These are my compost bins. The resident carpenter built them for me many years ago. Two side-by-side units with removable fronts. Each year I empty one two-year aged bin-full of compost into the garden. I turn the one-year-old contents of the other bin over into the empty bin so the…
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another Dorothy rose

I know. Enough with the Dorothy’s. But when I see them now, I just can’t help take their picture. Besides, they only bloom for a couple of weeks. Here is a rose that looks to me like a Dorothy (or a Super Dorothy?) along the roadside. I slowed down and…
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Kathy Martin Skippy and Kathy

Countdown timer

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weeks until my first fall frost




My garden this week

"That beautiful season the Summer! Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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