winter walk

The temperatures have been so nice and warm here the past week. Suzie, Charley, and I had a great walk yesterday. We walked around the fields of a small CSA farm, around the empty greenhouse, piled tomato stakes, and dried stalks of corn and Brussels sprouts. The dogs got all muddy – that’s the trade off for warm weather.

Charley and Suzie

We got “snow” last night. One inch. I’m not sure I really call that snow. Nevertheless, Suzie and Charley enjoyed it. It’s almost impossible to tell who’s who these days. Suzi has a fuller tail and Charley has the white chest splash. Suzi does her best to avoid the camera. Charley’s a ham.

Charley and the chickens

That’s my chicken coop behind my inquisitive and always “up-for-the-chase” five month old puppy. Charley caught one of my chickens the other day. The pretty black one I call Penny. Prey instinct kicked in. He chased and caught her, held her for several seconds in his jaw before my husband got there and pulled him off. Penny was scared but fortunately no damage done. Now we don’t let Charley out when the chickens are out. It’s one or the other. I don’t know if this is just a puppy thing.…

Charley outgrew puppy collar

Charley outgrew his puppy collar today and I got out one of Skippy’s. It looks good on him. Suzie sniffed and I think she likes it too. Charley’s growing up fast. His last Puppy K class is tomorrow. I haven’t told him yet, but he’s going to have to take the next two levels of Puppy training too. He’s as tall as Suzie now, but slim – 30 lbs to her 40. And very very handsome.

staying warm

To stay warm, my chickens huddle together in their run. Charley hangs out in the house in his favorite spot on the steps. (I’d like to get more pictures of Suzie. She was sitting next to Charley on the steps and they both looked so cute together. But she runs off if she sees a camera. Occasionally I catch a shot, but not this time.)

a bit of snow on the garden and Charley

Our first snow. It’s just a dusting and expected to turn to rain soon. I don’t have my winter bed covered yet. Soon. Everything in it is OK with the snow and our 30-32 degree temperature today. But at the end of this week it’s going to get really cold. I’ll cover it before that with both layers. Both have survived fine from last year so I will reuse them: a heavy row cover layer (I double it up) and a layer of green house plastic. Charley has his new…

Charley and Suzie

It seemed like time for a few pictures of Charley and Suzie. Suzie is 3 and a half years old, Charley is 2 and a half months. They are very happy romping together in the fallen leaves. Skippy would have had fun today too. But he had 11 great seasons of playing in the leaves.