more seeds

Still more seeds! I just get sucked in every time I walk by a stand of seeds. Today I found some peas, fava beans and bicolor radish. The other day I had some delicious grilled fava beans at the East Coast Grill, one of my favorite restaurants. I’ll have to look up growing information for these as I don’t know if they are more like beans or peas. Vicia fabaBrassicaceaeradish (Raphanus sativus)

the seeds arrived!

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OOoopps! I worried too soon. In today’s mail my seeds arrived! That made my day. I opened the blue pod Capucijner peas to see what they look like. They are an interesting range of colors. My package labeled 15 seeds had 32 seeds. Good deal. Opening the seed order was wonderful because I ordered some dukat dill and the seeds are very aromatic. My dining room smells like fresh dill now. I like to scatter some dill plants around the garden for the same reason – they smell so nice.…

missing pea seeds

About 3 weeks ago I ordered some Blue Pod Capucijner peas from Sand Hill Preservation Center. Today, I emailed to ask where my seeds are. I am getting anxious, as its almost pea planting time! Sand Hill a very small, family-run organization in Iowa. They sell chickens, sweet potatoes and heirloom seeds. It seems like a nice business. But I keep watching for my pea seeds in the mail. I hope they come soon! S&P

more seeds

Seeds are on display in stores now and its hard to resist buying a few extra packets. I picked up some arugla and a hot pepper mix. I’ll have to start the peppers indoors soon. I haven’t done this in years because its alot of work, but I thought I’d start just one type of seed this year – around March 15 for peppers in our area. S&PCapsicum

more seeds

The rest of my seed order arrived today. I can begin planting them on April 15th, if the weather is like its been in most previous years. Two and a half months away. That’s 77 days – but who’s counting? Actually I am. I just added a countdown clock to my sidebar so I don’t miss planting day. S&P


The seeds I ordered from Johnny’s Selected Seeds arrived today! So exciting. These are the first of my three orders from three different seed companies. S&P

seed order

I’m planning to order seeds from several sources this year, including many varieties I can’t find locally. I like the looks of the mixes (lettuce and beets) and heirloom varieties that they offer. I find it too much work to raise my own seedling indoors, so I only buy seeds that I can plant directly in the garden. Here’s my list (which I’ll revise until I actually place the order): (revised Wednesday, January 17)(revised again Thursday, January 18)(revised again and ordered Saturday, January 20) Johnny’s Selected SeedsCarrots, Cosmic purpleChard, Bright…

seed sites

I am collecting a list of US web sites (in my sidebar) for ordering seeds for next year. Time to start the planning. I’d like to expand my vegetable space a little and try some heirloom varieties. S&P