more planning

I’ve been doing another revision of my 2007 garden planting diagram. I wanted to make sure I make room for all of the seeds I’ve mail-ordered this year. I also wanted to take into account the amount of sunlight different areas receive. We have a large tree to the east of the garden and a small tree to the west. As a result, only beds at the center of the garden get full sunlight. I am adding new space against the house, which will get full sunlight and, I expect,…

reminiscing and planning

These are more photos of my garden from last year. I edited them yesterday with software that makes them look like paintings. I like the bright colors. As I look at them, I am wondering what this year’s garden will be like… I am finding photos very helpful for planning. This spring, I will remove a couple of bushes on the house side of the path (bottom of photos), which will add about 50 sq ft of additional space. The tomatoes, eggplants and peppers will go there. Should be warm…

old planting journal

I was looking through boxes in my basement and came across a gardening journal I started in 1998. I only entered about 4 or 5 pages. To tedious to handwrite it, I guess. And no one was leaving me any comments! In 1998 and 1999, I was gardening in a different location, but in 1990 I first turned over my current garden. The area was a weedy lawn before I started planting. We put up a post and rail fence around the garden in the same location of the 4…

planting dates

I’ve been wishing it were warm enough to garden, or at least to go for a comfortable walk outside. But since it isn’t, I’ve been reviewing my gardening records to see what are good dates for planting crops that need repeat seeding (every 2 weeks). I figure it’ll probably be a warmer than usual gardening season, so I’ll extend the dates a bit more than usual. I think I’ll go by these dates this year: Lettuce, cool weather types: April 15 through May 15, Sept 1 through Sept 20Lettuce, warm…

garden plan

This is my plan for this year’s vegetable garden. I think I’ll increase my space by removing a large rhododendron and a yew that are growing in an area against the house with full sunlight. Like my seed order, I’ll probably revise this plan several times. Then who knows if I’ll really follow it. But it does give me some sense of how many seeds to buy. S&P garden planning (drawings and diagrams)

garden review

As part of the planning process for next year’s vegetable garden, I’ve made a list of what were good crops and what were poor crops last year. I’ve also noted what I’d like to do differently (or the same) next year for each crop. Good crops:Basil (same)Carrots (try a longer orange variety, also, purple and white)Cucumbers (try 2 varieties this year)Jalepeno peppers (maybe)Lettuce (more varieties; add escarole, radicchio and endive)Tomatoes (same, but no more Yellow Brandywine) Poor crops:Beans, pole and bush (try again with inoculant)Beets (these were flooded by spring…