hurray for honeybees

I’m not seeing many honeybees this year. Noticeably less than last year. But I can usually spot one or two in my garden in the heat of midday. This is one I found today gathering nectar in the platycodon flowers. I planted a lot of extra flowers earlier this summer to try to attract more honeybees to my garden and it does seem to help. I have many other types of bees this year (metallic green bees, bumblebees, and lots of small black bees), but still its nice to see…

flowers for the bees

To attract bees, I have planted a bunch of flowers. I went down to Mahoney’s Garden Center, an enormous place that has every imaginable plant, and walked around looking for flowers with honey bees on them. The busiest plant by far was the nepeta (catmint), which had several honey bees working away. There were also some small bees on the heliopsis table. I asked an employee which plants attracted most bees and he thought the lantanta, daisies and petunias were good. I purchased yellow lantana, nepeta, a daisy and two…

happy honey bee

The honey bees are out and about. This pollen covered bee was working in a field of dandelions near my house yesterday.

sunflowers and bees

I planted my sunflower seeds too late this year and they didn’t sprout. So couple weeks ago I bought some sunflower plants to make a nice row. They are short, about 3 feet tall, but blooming nicely and lots of buds coming. The bees love them. They get sooo coated with pollen its a wonder they can fly.