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I was asked about my planting calendar apps the other day. They are being completely re-coded and updated. I’m updating all dates, adding vegetables, and other new features. I’m moving some planting dates a week or so earlier or later, based on my recent experience and some training classes.

While the apps are being updated, I have removed the old apps from sale. I am expecting to release the updated Vegetable Planting Calendar App in May.

Skippy’s Calendar Apps tell you when to plant seeds and are customized to your garden location and the plants you want to grow. First, enter your last spring frost date, and then select the plants you want to grow. The app will provide a week-by-week seed sowing schedule for you.

The Vegetable Planting App generates customized calendars for three planting seasons: Spring, Fall and Winter.

I hope to be able to update and release my Flower & Herb Planting Calendar app next year.

Thanks for waiting for them.

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